5 Things You Need to Know Before Designing a Website

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It is your first time designing a website, and you want it to be perfect before it reaches your client. Since most people all over the world are using the internet to communicate, shop and find information, it is only natural that you want a website that most users are going to love. However, designing a website that meets your client’s goals is not easy. It has a lot of processes wherein it requires calculated planning and a smart approach to the market that your client is after. To get started, here are five considerations that you need to make when you are trying to bring the site together.

Who Are You?

In this case, you are creating a website for your client, so this question is targeted to your client’s business or whatever purpose their website is for. For people that visit your client’s website, it is their public face. It means that you need to figure out the kind of message your client’s brand want to put forth and include that message as much as you can.

This is an even great addition to the About Us page. Make sure you don’t miss any details in this page since this will tell the viewers of the things that your client must share and what their customers want to know.

Who are you? What is your brand?

Purpose of the website

Every website design that you implement needs to be developed for the user. Make sure that you understand why the site exists and to whom it is addressed to before deciding on the navigation of the website or the content to be created.

Are you trying to get new clients? Trying to inform your users? Drive sales for a specific product? These questions will aid you in figuring out which call to action that you wish your visitors are going to take on the website.

Choosing a Domain

You may have the most revolutionary product in the world, but when the address of your website is just a bunch of gibberish letters and symbols, people will hardly remember it. For it to stay in the minds of the people, you need an address that is simple and memorable to hear for all users. The simpler it is, the better. If it is a brand or company, it is best to use that name somewhere in the domain address.

NAP Signature

At any page of your website, the contact information must be available. The information must be well-presented and easy to read. NAP means N for Name, A for Address and P for Phone.

Show off the expertise

You need to show every visitor that your client’s business has experience and that any money or time spend on the site is worth their while. If you have previous clients or customers that are happy, consider getting their testimonials. You can also show examples of products or work that shows the satisfaction of past clients or customers.

Make sue your website design shows off the area of expertise that copmany or person has.

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