How to Write Good Subject Lines for Email Marketing Campaigns

how to write good email subject lines

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Today, with Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram influencers, and similar other platforms, digital marketing is not short of mediums to reach the target audience. However, old habits never cease to exist, and statistics show, “email marketing” continues to rule. More than 58% of marketers are successful in generating a bigger ROI with the help of the best email marketing platforms

How can you achieve a high return when a regular American worker receives over 100+ emails every day?

Equally important is how you can ensure your email doesn’t end up in spam, if at least not opened?

The key lies in composing the right subject line.

Accept it or not, a majority of the people continue to judge a book by its cover and an email by its subject line. 46% of mail recipients click on a mail only based on the subject line. Thus, with just 7-10 words, email subjects have the power to make or break your marketing campaign. It is the only glance that your audience will have to guess what you intend to communicate and keep them intrigued. Hence, if you want customers to see, click, open, and read the content of your email, then you need to start with the subject line.

So, let’s hit straight to the topic with some tried-and-tested means and supporting facts to create good subject lines for a successful email marketing campaign.

Tips in Writing the Perfect Subject Line

1. Keep it short

As a thumb rule, subject lines should consist of not more than 40 characters. 70% of the population read their emails on their mobile phones. Hence, it is important to ensure that subject lines don’t get cut, which is bound to happen if it is more than 50 characters or longer. Hence, identify the keywords and give the trivial details a miss. 

2. Mind the language

Be straightforward in your choice of words. People, most of the time, scan the notification bar. So, if you want them to take a step ahead and click your email, then the subject line must be clear. 

3. Reveal the benefits

Which one of these subject lines would you prefer? “What you can do with $5000” or “7 Ideas to Invest $5000”? If you are aiming for a higher click rate, then no doubt, choose the latter, as it explicitly spells out what your email is all about. 

4. Lead magnets

Lead magnets are called as “dangling carrots” to customers. Offer a freebie, discount coupon or code, downloadable material in their email. Ensure that it doesn’t spam their inbox as all your efforts will be wasted. For example, offer solutions to their problem in the form of a case study or an article. This blog post discusses all the ways to design lead magnets and how to increase emails to target customers into positive orders.

5. Popups

Popups are effective but a bit annoying way to collect email addresses. The popups should be designed in such a way that it doesn’t hide the content or make the potential customers irritated that they decide to close your site. A popup may be designed to be a lead magnet or ask to be included in the mailing list for updates. Though they may be annoying, pop-ups are one of the best ways to get email addresses. A detailed discussion on how popups help to increase email subscribers can be found here.

6. Traditional pen and paper

Ask your existing customers to fill in their email ID’s to get their bills or order related details. This will build up your email ID database. You will be able to use these addresses to share updates relating to your product. You can also ask them to refer their friends or share the email if they found it useful.

7. Conducting workshops / attending conferences

Going to conferences and networking is the best way to promote your business and get some new leads. Exchanging email addresses with your peers will help you tap into their email database as well. Conducting workshops leads to meeting your target customers. Interacting with them will give your ideas in which you can digitally promote your product/idea.

8. Tie up with your competitor

If you are a beginner in the business, follow your competitor to get insights into marketing digitally. Have a good rapport with them and share your competitor’s content and start off by attracting their customers to look at your content. Slowly your audience will grow, and you can develop your tools like lead magnets, popups, banner ads to collect email addresses.

9. Email marketing software

There are many companies which provide services relating to email marketing. Smaller businesses may benefit from using their services as it not only provides templates to write the email but also provide various tools to engage with the customer and statistically analyze the success of the campaign.

To conclude, I would like to reiterate that to obtain email addresses for marketing, regularity and creative content needs to be the base. One-time set-ups like Facebook ads, subscription buttons and most important of all popups must be decided based on your strategy.

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