Integrate social media with your email marketing in 7 easy steps

social media and email marketing

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Email marketing is powerful. However, you might already be well aware of the unpredictably unfair advantage that a newbie like social media has over email marketing strategies. Some businesses vouch by the power of social media marketing, and others like to keep it old school and use the email instead.

Emails are always there, and these are still considered to be some of the most professional approaches to get to the audience. With social media, the reach can be wider. However, if you are thinking that your marketing campaigns can benefit from weighing these two killer strategies against each other, then think again!

To make an impact, to make profits from your marketing efforts, you must make the most of both these channels. The real potential of marketing lies in harnessing the power of social media to make your email campaigns stronger.

So how can you combine these two very different yet very rewarding channels? It is simple than you might imagine.

Top 7 ways to integrate your social media with email marketing

1. Directly upload email lists to your social media profiles

Have you noticed how most social media platforms ask you to allow synchronization of contacts? You then get quick recommendations of the connections based on the users already present in your contact list. Gather an updated email list from your best email marketing software with the invalid ids removed. Update this in your social media profiles and get instant recommendations of the profiles connected with that email id. You would then be able to instantly put an identity to that email id you have been long possessing.

2. Social media posts

The other straightforward method to get leads and email ids from social media is by asking your followers to subscribe to the mailing list. This comes with the user’s consent to receive promotional content. You can include some informative blog posts or news that adds value to the customer. The content here can be based on the industry and the type of products you offer. For example, an online fashion store can add a social media post about styling tips or even the latest celebrity trends. At the end of the post, you can also add your email id to allow users to subscribe to get such informative content delivered to their inbox.

3. Use the concept of contests and other promotions

Giveaways can help build a strong relationship with customers. This is also one of the strongest methods to gain more followers on social media, and this increases your reach. You can run a contest or giveaway where customers would have to subscribe to your mailing list to be eligible for the contest.

4. Referrals and referral bonus for email targeting

The major perk of adding your customer or following your customer on social media is that you would also be able to target the customer’s friends. These are likely to be people of similar demographics. When you target the right type of customers from your list, you are likely to increase the number of relevant customers through social media. You can add referral options on the social media pages. This is where existing customers can get their friends to subscribe to your mailing list and be rewarded for this effort they take.

5. Retargeting with social media ads

Using cookies, you can easily work on retargeting through social media ads. You can make use of this to tackle your bounce rate, even in email marketing. Customers who click on your retargeting ads on social media are those who are genuinely interesting in your products or services. These are the customers who are more likely to trust you and give their email id as well.

6. Emails with social media links and live feeds

You can include social media buttons to your emails. This helps you connect your existing mail subscribers to your social media network. You can also include links to your social media live feeds to allow customers to access your current posts when they open the email. This helps them stay up to date with the information you share across multiple platforms.

7. Exclusive offers and groups

You can create social media groups for customers. These would be places where relevant information is shared. You can also offer exclusivity like unique offers, early access to a sale, or some extra promo codes for customers in that group. This can further be extended by adding a reward for customers who add relevant customers to the group. To join this group, you can ask customers to subscribe to your mailing list. You earn multiple benefits in one single step.
Email marketing platforms around the world come with a price tag. You can use the email marketing software you use to fine-tune your marketing performance. However, when you combine this software with the advantages that social media has, then you would be able to multiply your returns several folds. With social media, you can access many profiles, and expand your mailing list to improve the consistency of customer engagement.

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