Why No One Visits Your Website

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You’d probably feel that they don’t care at all, but that isn’t the case. Seeing that you are also an online user, what kind of feeling that you get when you visit a particular website that you just closed in a couple of seconds? Isn’t it because you don’t like it? That is what’s happening with your website, too. It can also be because they don’t care about the subject you are focusing on. Such sentiments are the result of little love coming from the interwebs in the past month, which is evident in your statistics. So what is the reason that nobody is visiting your website?

You put too much attention to keywords.

It is at the point that you lost focus on other things that also contributed to the success of your website. But there is one aspect of your website that doesn’t like paying too much attention to keywords – your potential customers. Your customers love human speech that come from real people. It is not recommended that you write for your website text that only search engines will read. Even if your website does get the rank, what about the people that arrive at your page? They aren’t going to stay long, right? It is very important that your content is written for your customers, then followed by the Google bots.

Too many keywords can hurt your site’s readability

Your presence is non-existent.

You don’t like using Twitter? Do not have time to use Facebook? There is no need to do both, but at least you need to do something, especially when your target audience is the local community. Try building a list or database of users that you can then market to at a later date via email. Add an email grabber to your website and keep visitors regularly update via email marketing campaigns.

You aren’t blogging.

You say that you are blogging and not a single soul is still visiting. This is because you are not blogging enough. If you take a look at other prominent bloggers, take a look at their postings and you will see that they post a lot, usually once a week. Companies that blog only four posts a month will get an experience 800 more visits every month compared to companies that just blog twice a month. Blog posts are one of the amazing ways in increasing the number of your site’s indexed pages. When a particular website goes beyond 300 indexed pages, traffic increases by 236 percent.

You look suspicious.

Or even sketchy for that matter. Visiting your website is like the real world’s way of accepting candy from a complete stranger inside a van. It’s just that the van doesn’t have any seats. If you were to use this analogy with online visits, no stranger is going to take your candy that easily, especially from a complete sketchy stranger. If you want to see how trustworthy your website it to the visitors, use a trust rating tool like mywot.com.

You let your cousin build your website.

Isn’t that great? How much money have you saved? Keep in mind that amazing websites aren’t cheap. Ensure that your website is appealing – crisp, clean and easy for visitors to navigate. A site made by your cousin won’t have the top-notch website design you can get from a professional. 

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