The do’s and don’ts of email marketing

email marketing dos and donts

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Email marketing is one of the most competitive ways to bring the consumers to your product. It is not expensive. However, keep in mind that your competitors won’t sit calmly while you are promoting your brand.

Despite being hard to perfect, email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective ways to bring consumers to your site, offering your products and services. Here we will discuss some do’s and donts of email marketing and how to apply them to your plan.

Email marketing DO’s

Here we will show some advice worth focusing on when promoting your services. Additionally, they will help you develop a refreshed strategy and support you in thinking out of the box. Apply these tips, and every campaign you start will result in success.

Plan a thoughtful strategy

Just like every big, long-term plan, email marketing needs a clever strategy.

Gather your team and discuss the new ideas and ways to make your emails more engaging. Discuss the outcomes and consequences, the pros and cons of this marketing strategy and much more. Your marketing strategy is what represents your brand, hence it is more than necessary to make it authentic.

Making a poor strategy will result in failure. Having the whole team on the same pages is beneficial even if the campaign takes the wrong way. You will have enough time to fix your mistakes and get back on track. This is another benefit from the strategy following your campaign.

Your products are the main focus of your brand. Strategize your campaign to be the same.

Personalize your emails

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to write your emails from the first person. Of course, don’t personalize too much, but readers will feel more welcome to visit your site and try out your products if they see that the mail doesn’t sound generic and is actually quite friendly.

The personalization can be especially applied to the subject lines. You have two to three seconds to grab your reader’s attention. A personalized and catchy subject line is the key to a successful marketing campaign. If the title is generic and boring, the email will end up in the trash before getting the chance of actually being read. If your email marketing software does not allow for personalisation then consider choosing a different service.

One call-to-action to rule them all

Encourage the readers to visit your site in order to find out more about the product. If the email is easy to the eyes and feels scannable, the readers will have an easier time spotting the call-to-action and visiting your website. If it is visually appealing you will generate traffic to your website in no time and increase your sales.

Make the emails mobile-friendly

The development of smartphones and tablets didn’t replace the laptops. However, the internet nowadays literally revolves around the mobile. The vast majority of people find it easier to check their mail from the phone. If your copy isn’t mobile-friendly, you are risking your campaign. Make sure that the ‘buttons’ and links are sizeable in order to be possible to click. Otherwise, the readers will assume that the message is spam and trash it.

The don’ts of email marketing

Email marketing is very versatile and innovation-friendly. However, there are still drawbacks that can sentence it to doom. Here are some don’ts of email marketing.

Don’t spam

Carefully choose your customers and give them the directions to get to know more about the services your business offers. Don’t send them an endless loop of emails on daily basis. It will not just be useless, but it will also give a really bad name to your company.

Don’t insert too many links

Informational links are more than welcome. Unfortunately, we live in a busy world which moves pretty fast. Perhaps, the email will engage us with a catchy subject line, a healthy dose of wit, and instilled curiosity. But, people don’t have time to click more than on two links on the go. The link behind the call-to-action is just enough. The consumers should get all the information they need on that one link.

Don’t overdo with the visuals

Every email copy should have a beautiful design. But if beautiful means sticking a bunch of photos together, colors which don’t even represent your business, you are wrong. An eye-catching yet discreet layout is exactly what a good copy and call-to-action need to stand out.

Don’t forget to track your emails

All the hard work you invested in your campaign is pointless if you can’t keep an eye on the progress. Analyze data you get and find ways to improve your progress. Keeping a track of your emails will give you an insight of what you need to change in the future, which layout to use, and what you shouldn’t do.

Based on these do’s and don’ts you for sure know that the web is a wide marketplace. Always find ways to improve and engage your consumers with new and promising content. Make them curious and add a bit of mystery to your emails. Create powerful call-to-actions and give them a great pitch.

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