Top email marketing trends for 2019

email marketing trends 2019

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When everyone thought that email marketing was sentenced to doom, it returned stronger than ever. Over the past few years, many marketing trends have changed, including many in email marketing. Today it is one of the most influential marketing methods for bringing new and existing consumers to your site.

It is not a secret that a lot of skill is required to create a quality and successful marketing strategy that converts, and given that trends come and go, it is hard to stay up to date. Fortunately, we compiled a list of top email marketing trends for 2017 that will definitely prove useful for every email marketing campaign.

Great visual content

Every email that promotes your brand should have an expert copy and a clear call-to-action. Nowadays, next to so many emails overcrowding people’s inboxes, a good copy doesn’t suffice. A good email should have a visual effect which will intrigue the reader.

A clever yet shy design is enough. However, the exponential development of web has allowed us to insert high-resolution pictures, GIFS, and even HTML 5 videos inside the emails. Have you ever heard about the Video Marketing? Inserting a video in emails is a way to call it.

Videos, in the great matter, improve the engagement and tackle the curiosity of the readers. With the whole concept of the web being visually-friendly, it is not a surprise to see videos and GIFs in the emails as well.

The GIFs inside the emails made an entrance back in 2016. It now continues on 2017 and yields great results. If you want to add more wit to your campaign there is nothing wrong with a meme or a GIF.

Optimization for Mobile

Many people with an opportunity to check emails from phones or tablets don’t miss on doing it. The truth is that accessing the emails from the phone is much easier and more convenient.

In fact, Adobe published its’ email study which estimates 88% participants would rather read their emails from mobile phones. After Adobe, Experian stated that 56% of all emails are read on the mobile phone.

This rings a bell that the emails you send to your consumers need to be optimized for mobile phones too, as there is a great chance that they will check the inbox from the phone. Take this trend with the utmost responsibility, make the appearance more suitable for a mobile device, meaning bigger letters, proportional visuals, and buttons big enough to surpass the average human fingertip.

Business taking steps to mobilize their emails resulted in great percent. In fact, Fluent. Inc researched the sales boosting after optimizing for mobile, and there was an 87% increase in sales.

The Use of Interactive Mails

Interactive emails can easily be mistaken for the great visuals that we wrote already about. Thanks to the rapid web development, we are able to include various widgets in emails to engage the potential consumer.

Thanks to the advanced CSS animation, we can freely make different restaurant menus, surveys, puzzles, or even adding a photo gallery in the emails. These are all things that can easily engage the reader about the services you offer and encourage them to visit your website for more handy information.

This is a creative way to bring the consumers. It will take less effort for the readers to get the info they need. Also, they will be even more interested in seeing so much that you can offer without spamming them.

Email Marketing Automation

Utilising automation in your campaigns can be a gamechanger when it comes to email marketing. Setting up processes to run on auto-pilot will reap you great rewards and allow you to spend more time on other aspects of your business all the while emails continue to send automatically and generate traffic, leads and ideally sales. Most email marketing software will include automation within their features, however free plans may not. It’s best to choose an email marketing software that best suits your budget and requirements.

Data Analysis

Data analysis and machine learning are perfect for stepping up your game in email marketing. As a result of intelligent data, the businesses are able to create relevant emails for the consumers. This is achievable through using various data points which result in more personalization.

This is beneficial because the consumers can get an email which concerns mainly their needs, personally. Machine learning focuses on discovering one’s preference and then come up with original, eye-catching, and engaging content for the emails.

Data analysis, big data, and machine learning are what improves the effect of email personalization. Just because you will talk in the first person, it doesn’t mean that you hit the point of interest of the individual person you emailed.

The enhancements of big data are yet to be seen. Email marketing is to completely rely on personalization and big data in the next five years.

Emails and Social Media

Email marketing and social media marketing are two different segments of marketing and they didn’t have common spots. However, the possibilities of combination of the two have emerged by allowing the consumer to share their mail on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest, and even tweet it on Twitter. We are sure to see more social media and email integration in the future.

Which trends do you think will become active for email marketing in the future?

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