Top tips to increase your email marketing engagement

increase email marketing open rates

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Sending out emails is not enough – monitoring whether customers actually open them is important. Monitoring open rate is not enough – checking whether customers actually respond or engage with those emails is even more important. Given than email marketing is one strategy which fetches some of the best returns, evert business invests in it.

Almost every business out there spends money on email marketing platforms, but not all of them earn the same type of returns. Even after choosing good email marketing software, if your campaigns are not making good returns, then there might be some gaps that need addressing.

One of the major setbacks could be the negligence of customer engagement. To begin with, you should closely look out for bounce rates. You should make it a point to remove hard bounce instances from your campaigns. Then you should also make sure that your email open rates are good. The number should be close to what your industry averages are. Most of the email marketing service providers allow businesses to access reports to know about the progress of the marketing campaign.

Get to your user’s inbox, garner their attention, and then get them actually to tap on the call to action button you include or execute the response intended. From increasing the deliverability to building your customer base, email marketing engagement has its own set of benefits. Here are some ways in which you can strengthen email marketing engagement and therefore make some big returns from the money you invest in this segment-

Top tips to strengthen email campaign engagement

1. Personalization is everything

If you want your emails to boost your sales, then deliver personalized emails. Even if you have a large mailing list and even if you are using an automated mailing platform, it is good to deliver personalized content. Of course, there can be some general mails and newsletters. However, the number of personalized emails should outweigh these.

2. Getting that subject right

Simply altering the subject line can have a huge difference in the performance of your email engagement. 56% of brands that use emojis in the subject lines notice higher open rates than other similar mails. A catchy subject line can actually allure the customer into engaging with the email.

3. Project your products in their lifestyle

Simply talking about all the products or services you sell might not be sufficient. Your emails should talk about the practical applications of these products and how they add value to your customers. You can talk about some of the common problems that these products solve. You can add informational content with relevant links. Customers tend to click on links that contain value-adding information than those simply focused on the promotion of products.

4. When a fellow customer tells it, they believe it better

Get other customers to talk about their experience. Testimonials can help build trust in potential customers. Their feedback being valued can strengthen the rapport with existing customers. In short, adding social proof and letting all customers know what others are thinking, can help boost the engagement.

5. Make them feel extra special

Add some extra discounts or exclusive promo codes for each customer. They know that they would get special treatment when they sign up for the newsletter. Give them early access to some major sale events or other privileges.

6. Images, videos and more

Use a lot of interactive content in your emails. Instead of sending lines of texts, use unique images that are attention grabbers. You can also use GIFs, videos, or other types of content that make the emails more interesting.

7. Avoid irrelevant content

Sending too many irrelevant emails can dampen your customer’s interest. This can also lead to a drop in the open rates, eventually pushing your emails to spam folders. This is where the other main aspect of email marketing engagement comes into the picture, and that is the timing of the mails. Time them right and make sure that you do not send emails too often. Depending on the type of business you offer and the demographics targeted, choose the right time and frequency for better engagement.

8. Call to action saves time for all

Including easy to use call-to-action buttons in the email can have a huge impact on the performance of the campaign. In the case of sale announcements, you can simply add the direct links to discount pages or even links to the product page of the items that the customer has shown interest in the past. When they know that clicking the link in the email saves them time and effort, they are more likely to respond.

Bounce rates cannot often be rectified, mainly when they are due to technical issues. However, low open rates can be resolved. There are plenty of ways in which you can get back your inactive customers.

All it takes to boost email marketing engagement is to tackle your pitfalls, increase the open rates, and get punchier mails. Picking an effective email marketing software can also go a long way in helping you attain these benefits. With this, you can change your customer engagement game once and for all. This is when your campaigns would fetch you the best returns and add stability to your business growth.

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