Web Design Templates – Is it Wrong to Use Them?

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You honestly can’t deny that the web design world today is dominated by website templates. A lot of businesses today jump in this kind of opportunity since they are very affordable and the set up is very simple, too. Templates are served as an option that it is good enough, which aids organizations dealing with limited funds and very tight schedules. And they have made their way clear in dominating the market. A few years ago, a prominent blog site Moz published a post saying that custom design is dying.

How popular are they?

While there is no specific data or research that states facts about its popularity, but if you take a look at some of the top template designed websites and you will get a good idea how wide their reach is. If you go to HubSpot, they have more than 1,400 email and website templates offered. At ThemeForest, they have a total number of templates at 25,000.

No matter how these templates can make it easier to design websites, there are limitations to it as well. Here are some of the good reasons why it is so.

They are inflexible.

You cannot let your creative side go all out. A template can be added with content like texts and images, but that is not total customization at all. If you are looking for unique structures and layouts, don’t ever use templates at all. Most of the time they exploit similar models which are not that easy to customize. A website that is based on a template is never considered unique.

Design templates restrict you, and make it hard to do anything outside the box

They sometimes hid issues right under its surface.

This is a problem that most people are pursuing templates. At first glance, templates look amazing, but by the time you dig into their code, you might even detect some issues that are serious. A lot of these templates offer to add more features and even customize the design for added fees. What happens is that people end up paying for the features like marketing and SEO analytics, which experts see as being unfair. If you take a look at the premium plans that are offered to WIX users, they end up having to pay even for the template to get connected to a domain.

They are cheap.

And this is the main selling point of templates. However, when you buy one you need to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. They are cheap so they will look cheap. Websites basically serves as the first impression for customers, using templates may trigger negative responses from online users and will affect the image of the brand you are trying to build.

If you still want to use a template and at the same time build a brand image that is more on the positive side, make sure you choose a template that is recognized by providers and also think about purchasing plans that will grant you access to more amazing and unique designs.

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