Why a Web Designer is Necessary

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Do you want to create a new website or just redesign the current one you have? Either way, you might want to consider getting a web designer for that. There are DIY tutorials available online, but they can’t replicate the years of experience and training a professional web designer has. Web designers have specific valuable skills, and you will find out more about it as you read more below.

Before making such a decision, here is one fact that you need to consider:

When online users are asked why they don’t trust certain websites, an astonishing 94 percent of their answers have something to do with web design. Only 6 percent of them had issues with the content of the website. This fact alone tells you that no matter how great your content is if it is not well organized or designed, most people are not going to read it.

However, the job of a web designer is more than just making the website look good.

Custom website design

You may have seen similar web designs online, but to give your business a unique image, it is only normal for your website to be unique, too. No two business are the same, they say. This is how website design should be approached too.

One of the most significant reasons as to why you need a web design is that your website will be compatible with your business. The designer can evaluate your business goals and products and then create a site that will meet all of them.

Here are the following questions that will help you define what your goals are:

  • Are you opening up a marketplace online?
  • Is the website primarily for informational purposes?
  • Do you desire more traffic through your traditional store?

Once you have answered all of these questions, you have already formed your specific goals in which you are going to present to your web designer. The web designer will then create a customized website with the goals that you’ve presented to them.

Visual Appeal

Since this has already been raised, it will be discussed in detail here.

The way that the website looks, how it is navigated and the feel of it are all critical to the experience of the user. You only have, at most, 15 seconds to capture the interest of the visitor before they close your website and find another.

The fonts, layout, and colors that you choose are all important. Not one is inferior or superior over the other. They must be balanced. Some of the most common complaints regarding mistrusted websites are the following:

  • Layouts are very busy
  • Obnoxious or flamboyant ads
  • Multiple pop-up ads
  • Slow loading times, especially with the intros
  • Color is almost absent, or there are too many to count “loud” colors
  • The font or small text is difficult to read

Web designers have a good grasp of these elements, and they can put up a website that will attract a lot of visitors.

A good website design is usually the result of an experienced web designer applying their skills to the specific goals and requirements of a specific business. Using a generic template or trying to design yourself will never have the same level as success as investing in a quality web design approach.

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