What is a good open rate for email marketing?

good email open rates

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When it comes to email marketing, most businesses take the right steps, like choosing good email marketing software and picking some great content. There is one step where most of them stop, and that is the step where the email gets sent. Identifying the bounce rate and making sure that your email actually reaches the receiver is important.

Does the receiver actually open your email?

That is the billion-dollar question! You might meticulously create a compendious email, but if the receiver doesn’t open it, it all goes in vain.

Guaranteeing that every single receiver reads your email is definitely not an easy feat. However, you should know about the figures that are considered ‘good open rates’ in your industry. This will help you compare the performance of your email campaign with that of the other similar businesses in your domain. You would, therefore, get an idea about where your campaign is flailing.

To begin with, identify the reasons why your customers and potential customers are not opening your emails.

All about email marketing open rates

What is your email open rate?

You get the open rate of a campaign by dividing the total number of unique opens by a total number of emails sent (after subtracting the number of bounces). This critical parameter is often given as one of the attributes of your email analytics report. This is where using an efficient email marketing platform proves to be beneficial. Know that the open rate is paramount. Talk to your email marketing software provider about getting a picture of the open rate in your reports.

What is a good open rate?

When it comes to bulk sends, the average open rate across multiple industries was 27%. In general, if you try and reduce the bounce rate and increase the open rate, your campaign would be a success. 

The optimal open rate varies from one industry to another. To make a sensible calculation, you should compare your business’s open rate against that of the industry standards. The objective should be to increase the number to bring it as close to the average as possible, and possibly higher.

Open rate calculation best practices

Measuring the number of opens is easy in HTML emails. HTML mails offer an image when the receiver opens an email. This is quite an accurate measure of the open count. Sometimes mailboxes come with a preview option where the email open count increases without the user actually opening the mail. In other cases, forwarding the mail without opening it can also increase the open count. Take all of these factors into account while calculating the open rate of any campaign.

Ways to increase open email rates

Getting a good open rate doesn’t have to be as difficult as it appears. Here are a few things that you can do so as to increase the parameter. It matters so much because conversion rates are also dependent on open rates.

Start with a good subject

A dull subject line can be a big turn off. Brevity packing a punch can make your email subject line stand out. A good subject alone can increase the open rates by 3% or more, in most cases. A subject that doesn’t look fishy, something that really tempts your customer to open the mail cam be significant.

Personalized content

When customers know that they are going to receive some generic marketing mail, they might not want to open it. If each email delivers personalized content that adds value to them, then they are highly likely to open it. You can always convey the essential information with a touch of customization. Now and then, send out product recommendations based on the viewing history or even check on the customer after cart abandonment. Even when there are promos running, stay away from sending a general email about the promotion. Instead, you can send out emails about discounts on the wishlist products or those that the customer has been eyeing for a long time. This creates a sales funnel besides increasing the open rate. Give a nice preview of the content with its subject line.

Refrain from sending too many mails

Creating rhythm in the email flow can help create a curiosity. Sending out too many emails or frequent emails can reduce the interest and therefore bring the open rate down. Instead, set a relevant pattern that would not bore the customers.
Make sure that you keep removing irrelevant subscribers and inactive subscribers every now and then. For the irrelevant subscribers, remove the id from the list. In the case of inactive ids, instead of removing them, you can target with more engaging content. Do not simply broadcast the mails- instead, set smart decision-making rules for sending your emails. Good email marketing platforms can help you in this step. From timing your email to curating the content, a lot of details can help alter the open rate significantly.

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