Why Email Marketing Is Important for Any Business

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If you think marketers send emails only to promote their goods and services, then you are wrong. Email marketing helps to develop strong relations with present and potential customers. It also helps in keeping customers informed through customized messages, specially curated based on their buying preferences. Hence, email marketing is nothing short of a cost-effective digital marketing tool that generates better conversions.

You will be pleasantly astonished by what the numbers have to say. People around the world send and receive over 270 billion emails per day, of which more than half are business emails. You can expect to earn an average ROI of $30 to $40 on every dollar spent on email marketing. Further, what’s even surprising is that 81% of small businesses depend on emails for preliminary customer acquisition and 80% for customer retention.

The numbers are proof that there lies a greater opportunity for any business of any size to reach its target audience, irrespective of what and where they are present. Thus, emails play an essential role in shaping the future of your business despite the existence of other digital marketing techniques.

Top reasons small business should utilize email marketing techniques

1. To increase customer engagement

Emails are the easiest way of getting in touch with your past, present, and future customers. It allows you to connect directly with your target audience and keep them informed about your current and new business promotions. While customers on your list are already aware of your services, emails are the perfect medium to capture their interest further to the business’ recent updates. Besides, emails add a personal touch, which other digital messages lack.

2. To engage in real-time customer outreach

Since most users check their emails on their phones, you have the chance to reach out to your audience in real-time. A study reveals that more than 90% of the population use their phones to check their emails. Thus, a well-structured marketing email has a higher conversion rate.

3. To measure performance

There is no point in carrying out any form of marketing strategy if you cannot measure the results, and the easiest way to calculate the outcome is to use emails. Since a majority of the people respond to their emails in some form or the other, e-commerce operators can easily measure the results in terms of click-through rates, conversion rates, subscribe percentage, and the number of unsubscribed users. Thus, emails prove to be a great tool to monitor the marketing strategy deployed, make changes, and even identify the strengths and weaknesses in the campaign to leverage it for the better.

4. To cut down on marketing costs

If you think advertising through Facebook or Instagram comes cheap, it is not so. Digital marketing strategies cost much more than sending simple emails, even though these appear to be “free” by virtue. As an analyst, you must calculate the cost in terms of conversion rates. With email marketing, the amount you need to invest in garnering more click-through-rates is very low, as long as you choose the right email marketing plan. Some email marketing software even carries out the A/B test to show which parts of your email produce the best results. For instance, you can identify which subject line results in a higher open rate or check, which offers influence more conversions. Moreover, email marketing is the only technique where you can target a broader customer base in a short period. Once that’s sorted, it is only a matter of expanding the customer contact list, which should be your primary goal as a marketer.

5. To identify buyers’ preferences

With segmented email marketing campaigns, you can reach different types of customers based on their buying characteristics. For instance, if you have information on the list of subscribers who have already made one or more purchases from you, then you can use this information to get more repeat customers. On the other hand, you can get useful insights on the list of subscribers who are still considering whether to place an order with you or not based on the click-through rates. Post which, you can address this issue by designing a targeted campaign that will coerce such subscribers to buy your products/services.

6. To create brand awareness

Social media is a great way of promoting your brand. However, email marketing is an excellent alternative to endorse your brand in a sustained manner. When a user signs up for newsletters or email updates, it proves customer allegiance towards the brand in a better way as opposed to clicking the “like” icon on social media platforms. Email marketing platforms, thus, provide you with the exact information on what type of content the customer is looking for, based on which you can curate the email messages to their preferences.

Thus, email marketing is a great online promotion strategy despite the presence of Google, social media, YouTube, blogs, and other marketing tools. It is easy, effective, and affordable for small businesses on a tight budget.

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